Ongoing Projects

Education Program

The program has a school for students from grade 1 to grade 6 (primary school). We also use public schools if they are available in the areas of need.

Our education program pays for the kids to continue onto secondary school and eventually, college. As you see in the video, classes are combined because we don't have enough room. We are planning to build more classes if we get financial help.

The program supports girls to continue their education. With the aid of the First United Methodist church in Little Rock, we were able to send 6 girls to high school, 2 to university. We have more than 100 girls who were forced to dropped out because we cannot afford education fees.


The education program needs $10,000 to $15,000 in order to run properly.

We also need about $7,000 to start a skills training program for the orphans who are 15-18 years old in order to help them integrate in the community

Community vegetable garden

Program Goal: Establish fruit and vegetable gardens for 50 families in Gaoua, Burkina Faso.

In the Gaoua region of Burkina Faso, most families live on just less than $25 per month, and that means each day is a struggle to survive. Those families who do own small pieces of land cultivate only one crop, usually corn, or millet, and shorgo which barely covers their basic needs. With your help, this project will provide 50 families with a sustainable source of nutrition, helping to address health challenges common to this region. Each family will receive fruit and vegetable seedlings with supplies and training for growing their own gardens. With no chemical pesticides and all recyclable materials, families will create their gardens in a sustainable, safe way. At the local market, their extra produce will bring much-needed additional income to help pay for necessities like health care and school fees.

By investing in this project, you will help families move from dependence to sustainable independence. Children and parents will contribute to their own well-being and economic security.

Expected Results: Children will have better access to vitamin-rich food, which will protect them from malnutrition and illness. And the sale of surplus fruits and vegetables will boost each family’s income by as much as $40 per month.

Nokero Solar Light Project

Children in villages cannot afford to read or study at night. Their parents cannot afford Kerosens for lamps every day. That’s why Nicole Kambou founder of ATEFEO felt it is important to launch the ‘Help me read at night’ campaign to deliver 4000 solar light bulbs to individuals living in Gaoua primary foster families. A gift of $ 10 USD will provide two Nokero solar lights to families, providing roughly ten people access to safe, clean, renewable light. The Denan Project Inc.,a non-profit humanitarian organization, founded by Dick Young, has kicked started the campaign with a gift of 2 Solar panel lights for the village Health clinic.

For approximately 95% of households, the only means of light after dark are dangerous and unhealthy kerosene lanterns. Darkness is when kids cannot read, women cannot see at night when they are going about their chores and in fact, family and the whole village is in darkness, sometimes resulting of snakes bite and of course death. Studies have proven that access to clean, safe light allows students to continue their studies, women to have more time to finish their chores and people to participate in income generating activities after the sun has set. See and Read at night campaign will affect thousands of lives, and ATEFEO is reaching out to the public to help students to see and read at night. If you are looking to impact the lives of children, women in rural area of Burkina Faso, you can make a big difference by giving a light to an orphan, students, household, family or a group of community. Go to And please spread light by sharing with your friends, colleagues and networks.

Identify new coming youth as high risk

The program will form partnerships with local  school districts, organizations institution, religious and non-religious task Forces and the Community Leaders

Everyone has a story to tell about his or her community. It doesn’t matter whether you are young or old, native or newcomer; we all have personal experiences that connect us to our city or town. Stories tell us a lot about what we value most—the customs, characteristics and special places that make our community unique

Our mandate is: Your choices create your future. Our goal is to identify youths at risk who are going to have a turbulent transition to adulthood due to problems in schools, gang involvement and crime related. We offer positive support system to avoid the pitfalls that can derail their lives.


1. To reduce isolation, stresses, and negative thoughts among youth at risk of dropping out of schools; gang activity and their families.

2. To increase the protective factors of self-reliance, resilience, pro-social and life skills3. To increase knowledge related to our program so communities could proactively address the problems of the youth at risk dropping out of school.

The program will create partnerships with the local schools districts, (name communities and partners we want to work with) community in Greater Toronto Area.


Our goal is to foster a commitment to youth at risk of dropping out of school and affiliated with gangs, by promoting pro-social friendships, strong interpersonal skills, and reassert a sense of Hope in the future. Only through personal relationships can a sense of individual responsibility be re-established; that will give youth the commitment to follow through on path to adulthood with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Through repeated failures in the classroom and the development of destructive habits, at-risk young people have lost faith in the possibilities that await them if they are successful in putting their lives together. To accomplish this goal, young people must be in a caring, inclusive learning missio.

Construction of a youth Learning Center in Gaoua

Program Goal: To construct a building to serve as a youth center in Gaoua Burkina Faso. ATEFEO's youths engage with other youths to promote projects. They identify problems within their community then establish a plan to implement solutions to resolve major issues. They will avoid mining site, and will become independent. ATEFEO's

Youth program is comprised of 26 hopeful and ambitious members; 16 females and 10 males, respectively. This group raises awareness amongst other youths with issues affecting them in the community. Low income level, shortage of land, poor sanitation, unwanted pregnancies, poor access to health service, poor learning environment, dropping out of school because of lack of financial support, low community awareness and capacity limitations have been prioritized as root causes of poverty being faced by young people in Gaoua

Expected Results: This proposal supports the construction of a youth center led by youth. The center will be an environment where youth can meet and come up with new ways to help themselves and their community by learning new skills. Every child is born with a talent the problem is identifying that talent and presenting them with the opportunity to exercise it. This centre is about youth helping youth.


  1. ATEFEO Child and Youth Centre ( ACYC ), will be lead by youths, raises awareness among other youths about issues affecting them in the community( disease prevention; integrate properly in their communities, keep them active in their country will prevent inappropriate means of immigration toward Europe and other countries.
  2. ATEFEO youth are motivated and have a project to build a youth center.
  3. The center will be an environment where youth can meet and come up with new ways to help themselves and their community.
  4. A place where they can lean and produce will keep them out of the street and prostitution.
  5. Youth-led Project to Build a Youth Center in Gaoua