(Atelier D’Education et de Formation Des Enfants Orphelins) a French acronym meaning “A Training & Education Program for Orphan Children”  is a non-profit organization created by Nicole Kambou in Burkina Faso. The organization was created to aid children whose parents died from HIV-AIDS or as a result of the civil war in neighbouring Ivory Coast.

Today, ATEFEO, operates a health clinic that has served over 100,00 patients since it’s conception in 2009, in addition to that, the organization also currently operates a school which provides basic education and daily lunch meals for all its students. ATEFEO also runs a foster program in which children are paired with volunteering families and are provided with excellent care.

Since year 2000, ATEEFO has been responsible for helping over 500 children per year. We continue and will continue to focus on the well being of each child that comes into our care without hesitation, discrimination or apology.

Our Values

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Our Mission

Promoting and developing child health & nutrition, clean water, sanitation, and basic education for all children without discrimination, while protecting them from violence and exploitation.

Our Vision

To serve orphans and vulnerable children in Burkina Faso by focusing on their well-being