Spread The Word

Tell your family and friends about the work of the ATEFEO’s Education and Training Program. Working with orphans and vulnerable children in transforming children lives.

Organize A Fundraiser

Sponsor an event at your house either for a set admission or request donations. We will send you printed brochures, DVDs of our work and pledge cards. You can organize a dinner, dance, or even a movie/game night, etc.

Recognize A Milestone

Celebrate your next birthday, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, wedding, graduation or other important event by asking loved ones to make a contribution to ATEFEO or purchase a Birthday card or gift designed by ATEFEO orphans.


• Start an ATEFEO Club at school.
• Do a report/project about education, health, orphans' wellbeing in rural areas of Africa.
• Invite ATEFEO's Founder or representative to speak at your school (email Nicole: info@atefeo.org)

College Students

Volunteers can be college students who are willing to travel to Burkina Faso. Students can be practicing medical professionals who help establish medical protocols and minor surgeries in collaboration with Gaoua Hospital and local clinics. Artists and or Actors who share new ways for children to communicate and tell their stories through drama and music.

Any Ideas?

If you have any ideas or ways you feel you can volunteer to the cause, feel free to go ahead and do it. Be sure to let us know what you've done and the outcome of your efforts.

Become A Volunteer

Fill out our volunteer form and become apart of our great volunteer team today!

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