What does it mean to be a Partner?

Apart from sharing the same values, it means to be an organization that shares the same goal of transforming children’s lives and to make a collective effort to handle costs via collaboration.

Partnering with ATEFEO

ATEFEO partners with corporations to extend and multiply our benefits to the children we serve. Any partnerships in terms of grants, in-kind contributions, volunteerism, workplace giving, technical expertise or cause-marketing campaigns, function to promote the company’s goal & vision, and business goals to allow us to address children’s needs in expansive and effective ways.

A corporate partnership might provide clean, safe water for children, feed them, clothing or it could mean access to health care or educational opportunities where there were none before. Such a partnership may even bring relief to children on the street. Whatever the need, we are grateful to our corporate partners for using their resources to make a difference in improving children’s lives.

Partner Registration

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