The Founder

Nicole Kambou

Nicole “Mama” Kambou was born in Burkina Faso. She grew up in an influential environment due to her father working as nurse and her mother staying home to look after the house.

As a child, Nicole was drawn to helping others who were less fortunate than her. “I wouldn’t eat any of my breakfast, instead I would take it to school and share it with others,” said Nicole. When Nicole was 16, she lost her mother due to child birth.

Afterwards, her desire to help others grew stronger, “I had everything I needed, but I had an emptiness in me,” said Nicole. In 1996, ATEFEO became an officially recognized charity organization whose goals were to provide care and support for orphaned children in Burkina Faso.

Today Nicole’s organization has over 500 children in need of schooling. Nicole continues to do her part to help the organization, by completing her Bachelor degree in Science and Health Administration as well as a degree in Nursing.

Her hope for the future is to raise enough money to keep the organization’s clinic open. With the donations raised online, necessities such as medicine, equipment, and staff can be acquired in order to keep the clinic alive and to help treat hundreds of men, women, and children.

“All I ask is that someone will be the light for these kids because many of them are in the dark. Even if it’s something little, it can go a long way.”