A.T.E.F.E.O. (Atelier D’Education et de Formation Des Enfants Orphelins) a French acronym for “Training and Education Program for Orphan Children”  is a non-profit organization created by Nicole Kambou in Gaoua, Burkina Faso to serve hundreds of children whose parents have died from HIV-AIDS or as a result of the civil war in neighbouring Ivory Coast. Nicole established the program in 1987, and worked tirelessly for nearly a decade for official recognition from the Burkinabe government, which happened in 1996.

ATEFEO is an International Non-profit organization that consists of 100% of unpaid volunteers who dedicate their time, efforts and often also their personal resources to raise funds for the organizations in developing countries that provide direct support to the people who need it.


To serve children around the Globe by focusing on their well-being.


Transform the lives of children around the globe by helping them become healthy, educated; independent, productive members of their communities and the world. ATEFEO promotes child health and nutrition, clean water and sanitation, basic education for all children without gender discrimination, and protects them from violence, exploitation, malnutrition, and illness.


We take every opportunity to foster dignity, respect, and independence, building strong trustable relationships with our partners. In the past, we had collaborated with big International organizations, e.g. Plan International, Save the Children, Rotary Club Greensboro NC, Health Partner International Canada, Brampton Civic Hospital, Ina Taamai, Leone France, First United Methodist Church in Little Rock, AR and still have good memories, and relationships.


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