The Denan Clinic

The clinic first opened in March of 2009, and was serving about 600 patients each month. With a discovery of gold less than a mile from the clinic in 2010, a town of about 10,000 independent miners and their families sprung up almost overnight where there was none before. This unexpected influx of people and their medical needs has now increased our patient load to approximately 1,600 patients each month, greatly putting pressure on our budget and the need for medicines. For example, because of budget limitations we are unable to supply sufficient anti-malaria drugs and medicines and other services to the greatly enlarged, needy population. The Denan Project is currently working to find ways to address this growing needs.


We need $3000 to $5000 to provide prenatal vitamins to women. Due to malnutrition, pregnant women are anemic and die during child birth. We want to eradicate anemia and malnutrition in children and pregnant women.

By donating only $50, a woman can receive prenatal vitamins for 9 months.